Dave’s looking for a new laptop. A lot of people like ThinkPads but I was pretty happy with my last VAIO. If things don’t work out with my PowerBook, and it’s not looking good, I’ll probably buy another VAIO. Here’s one with a name that kinda sounds like my last one: PCG-V505DX. Might get that one. That and the double capacity battery (about 6 hours for my previous VAIO).

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  1. I’m amazed that so many people seem to like ThinkPads. I’ve had to use a few at work and found them to be dreadful in virtually all respects.

  2. Return rates, to me, are key. Sony and Dell among the highest, ASUS among lowest. ThinkPad in middle. Personally I’d go for a Tablet (me being me) but if a pure notebook, ASUS (or Acer) it is. But all depends on use of and personal preference.

  3. Christopher makes a good point, but I would be interested to know if product quality is the cause of the returns. An alternative view is that the folks that buy Sonys and Dells are behaviourally different than those who buy “off brand” gear like Acer or Asus laptops. It seems to me that a company like Sony has a lot more non-technical users than Acer.

  4. You can also goto the vendor’s website to see how many bios/vendor related hardware patches are posted… I was fixing an HP a few weeks ago–was amazed at the number of patches for that model, no wonder it’s crashed (reload OS image) 4 times this year so far.

    Yeah, it’s actually suprising how many *companies* use ThinkPads, they’re pretty robust from what I’ve seen–though definitely not the most portable. The original Dell’s (circa 2000) were top notch (was able to throw one around literally and it never skipped a beat). Never liked Sonys due to a rebooting issue a few years back. My choice are fujitsu’s, still have a 97 lifebook w/missing screws, orig. bat, P133 and runs perfect[ly slow…].

    But hey, after a Mac “you can’t go back 😉

  5. People who buy Sonys and Dells ARE behaviorally different, so yes that can color the RMA results. But that very differing market, changes the way Sonys and Dells themselves are made and marketed. ASUS (and Acers and etc.) are corporate reliable, higher-priced, given the more-demanding market they serve. Sonys and Dells are middle-men mass-market non-technical cheap components. One impacts upon the other. But the key, is the actual product reliability and performance. Sonys and Dells don’t see that, IBM plays a middle-game based on reputation and support systems, ASUS and Acer HAVE to be reliable or they are DOA.

  6. Hello.
    At the moment i use a notebook from sony. I´m very satisfied with it. But i think i will change to a smaller thinkpad because my book is very big and i need urgently a smaller one. Any tips for me?
    See you
    Andrew from allesfuerdichkostenlos.de

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