The interesting thing about composing all your day’s posts in one window is that it helps with flow. While I like the interactivity achieved by the w.bloggar desktop tool, it still requires a number of extra steps to move between already-submitted posts. In the outliner, by contrast, my day’s work is laid out before me in a single window. I need only move my cursor position to edit something I wrote a few hours ago.


I’ve hereby moved to the “dogfooding” stage with the Radio Outliner to Movable Type tool. This means that I’m eating my own dogfood, using the tool every day and trying to make it workable and better.
A few more refinements, and a little review from knowledgeable Radio programmers, and this will be ready to share. If you count yourself a knowledgeable Radio programmer and find this interesting, drop me a line and I’ll point you to the code.