Landed safely in Amsterdam, figured out the train, checked into my hotel and found an Internet cafe. Dave made it too. I’m checking my mail on a fancy internationalized webmail system. Everything’s in Dutch, and I can’t change the Internet Options on this fine Windows machine because the machine policy has locked it off. Heh heh. Note to self: “Verwijderen” is the delete button.

Greetings from a (weak) wifi connection in Heidelberg. The meetings don’t start until tomorrow, so we’re thinking about checking out the castle or maybe taking a train ride up the mountain.

OpenACS translator's interfaceI’ll be in Europe late next week, first at the .LRN meeting in Heidelberg and then meeting up with Dave in Amsterdam. .LRN recently went “two point oh”, and is currently available for download as 2.0.3. Among other additions, 2x got internationalization support. That means that each site page can be translated into different natural languages and delivered in a user’s language of choice. The underlying OpenACS toolkit ships with a catalog of translations into German, Chinese and Swedish, to name a few. The translations are contributed from around the world, backed by a pretty slick Web application.