Jim Moore: “Now we need a next generation of RSS–or perhaps just more clever use of this version of RSS–to tie millions of personal computers into the next generation of video boxes, such as TIVO and Digeo and Akimbo–and thus millions of televisions.”

Last night at the Berkman Thursday meeting Joey held up a newspaper with a stunning headline on the front page. Here’s the Christian Science Monitor on the story: “Music lovers north of the border can swap songs online without fear of breaking the law, thanks to a Canadian court decision this week.”

What's wrong with spam filters

False positives. iMail just helped me to delete a message containing a bunch of important information that I needed. No matter how diligently I try to train iMail, it’s pretty frequently wrong. This message was a note from a customer service center, not a friend or an email list, so I guess I’m not surprised that iMail thought it was spam. But because iMail dimmed out the message, my brain, on quasi auto-pilot, directed my hand to delete it along with the (I hope) junk messages. Grrrrr. Time to turn off the spam filter in iMail.