I’m updating myWeblogOutliner today, adding metaWeblog API based category support, and trying to fix the bugs I introduced into the original tool’s support for multiple weblogs. Lots of new stuff, still a little buggy.

Thanks to everyone for the phone suggestions. I went ahead and converted my service to T-Mobile and for the moment picked up one of their freebie phones. The Nokia 6600 is intriguing but pricey. Might have to troll ebay a bit and see if there are any bargains to be had.

There was a massive power outage in Cambridge this afternoon. The machine running this service, which is colocated in Cambridge, stayed alive. Thank you Level3!

David Weinberger: “How about this? We show up en masse at our local town halls. We each come with a bouquet of flowers or two. As the couples leave, we each give one flower to each couple.”

Cheeeeeeese! Just getting around to posting a bunch of images to the family photo album this weekend, and thought I’d share one. Clicking on the thumbnail will take you to a picture of my daughter and me from when we celebrated my birthday this February.

Woah, I see that I got a bunch of comments in the last couple of days. For some reason I haven’t been getting email notifications about them. Mysterious. Update I’ve played numerous games with email accounts and server settings, and as best I can tell, Movable Type isn’t sending the messages or is failing to do so for some reason. Kind of discombobulating.