In the speakers: Ambulance LTD. I saw them on Conan O’Brien the other night and was impressed. Listening to the CD, it was a worthwhile purchase. Not sure how I’d describe their music. It’s guitar rock for sure. Maybe a little Velvet Underground influence. Some of the songs make me think of 80’s alternative bands like The Church and The Smiths. But with a lot of booming bass. According to this page, you can catch them on Letterman tonight.

Moodle is a PHP-based open source e-learning system. It competes in the same market as .LRN, system I work with at MIT. The moodle site is beautifully laid out. And they have a nice looking RSS feed too. But much of the site is blocked off to the public. Why not make the discussions world readable?

Another random story from the weekend barbecue. At one point I found myself at the sink shucking corn with a woman who was a chef as it turned out. I asked, “what’s the best way to prepare this for a grill?” and she showed me. What you do is, peel back the husk maybe three quarters of the way down, pull away as much of the hair as you can, then push the husk back up and soak for an hour or two before grilling. The soak water boils inside the husk, cooking the corn. Update Check the comments for tips from Steve and Dave. Just in time for the holiday weekend!

Tali drives On our last vacation we spent a week driving around in a Honda Jazz. I got so used to the dinky little 1.3L engine that, when we returned, the family CR-V felt like a sports car.