This morning NPR excerpted a weekend speech in which Bush claimed his doctrine a success because people are now dying in Iraq instead of here in America. Bush didn’t acknowledge the possibility of policies that could achieve better results with less loss of life.

It’s official, I’m an uncle. Well, actually, I already was an uncle several times over. But it’s a first for the new mom and dad. Congratulations from the Boston wing of the Grumet clan! We love you.

More from the Mr. Fixit files. I need to replace a broken hinge in one of our kitchen cabinets. It’s a little unusual, a hinge that is at a 180 degree angle when the door is closed, and at a 270 angle when the door is open. Hmmm, wonder if will have the right part…Aha, now I have the name. It’s called a blind corner hinge. Looks like the local Rockler might have one.

You may have noticed that comments are turned off. It’s an experiment. MT-Blacklist has been doing a pretty fantastic job of blocking comment spam, and helping clean up the ones that get through. But running MT-Blacklist still eats up system resources, and it’s cgi to boot. I want to see if the commenting is at all related to the intermittent outages this server’s been experiencing. So for now mt-comments.cgi is gone. You can still see the comments for old posts by navigating to the permanent link for the post, linked from the “#” graphic. Thanks.