Props to Matthew Bischoff for executing the first GigaDial hack. He’s got a HTTP redirect that sends the /inbox url on his site to a GigaDial page where you can add podcasts to his inbox. Great work, Matt! GigaDial is the project I mentioned yesterday. It’s something of a remixing and recommendations system for podcasts. Here’s an overview page containing more information. I’ve been feeding my iPod with it for about a week now. Fellow Lemoner and GigaDial co-creator Martijn Venrooy sent me a nice Spanish lesson on Thursday. Anyway, if personalized broadcasting interests you, you might also want to check out, Potkast and the IT Conversations Program Queue.

Busy busy busy. I’ve had my head down coding nonstop all week. Oy, that’s what happens when your profession and your hobby are one in the same. Lots of cool stuff on all fronts. One of the hobby projects went up as a beta yesterday and has already gotten some really nice comments. Thank you! I’ll write more — or maybe podcast — about it over the weekend.


Adam wanted to get a look at the specs for our skype recording. I’m at the office now, but the details are on my home computer. Here’s what I can recall from memory:

  All three of us were using Audacity on PCs.
  All three of us had the input set to “Microphone”
  Garth and Matthew encoded to MP3 before sending me their files. I don’t know what they used for compression settings, but it was probably the Audacity defaults maybe with a gain adjustment.
  I had to shift Matthew’s recording in time slightly after importing into Audacity, to eliminate an echo.
  I’m pretty sure all of us used the default settings for recording. We did a quick check at the beginning to make sure we were all recording at the same sampling rate (44kHz I think), but that was about it.

XML-RPC.Com: “The MetaWeblog API (MWA) is a programming interface that allows external programs to get and set the text and attributes of weblog posts.”

Audio geekery

Audio capture of three guys talking on Skype. Garth’s in Syndey, Australia, I’m in Massachusetts, USA and I guess I don’t know where Matthew is (probably in North America somewhere). We were doing a little experiment to test the achievable recording quality while talking over a long distance peer to peer connection.
Update: A few specs describing what we did