Optaros “is a consulting and systems integration firm that helps large enterprises solve IT business problems by providing services and solutions that maximize the benefits of Open Source Software.” More about the new company in this Dec. 14 press release.

Martijn Venrooy has a new weblog called Hot and thirsty. I have the great pleasure of working with Martijn on the iPodder podcast receiver and GigaDial station factory. Welcome, Martijn!

Benjamen Walker tackles architectural forensics on this week’s Theory of Everything. The show begins with the story of Boston’s Kenmore Square as it existed before the big box hotel was installed. Having landed here in 1992 I can remember bits and pieces of it. Yep, I managed to log a few late night hours at the Rat. I remember Charlie’s, or was it Charley’s?, the corner diner that later converted to an IHOP. I remember a closed-down Narcissus. And what about Mixed Nuts, the two-man street band. They used to perform, tip jars out front, on the broad sidewalk as the BoSox fans made their way in and out of Fenway Park. Their instruments? Air guitars.

Here’s one of the things I like about RSS. I was on the phone today with my cousin Ian, explaining how RSS enclosures work. Ian’s not a programmer, but I went ahead and had him click on the white-on-orange XML button anyway. I said, “see how it says ‘rss’, ‘channel’, ‘title’ and so on, and then about 10 lines down it says ‘enclosure’? That’s how we tell the PC software what to download.” He got it instantly.

Richie Carey: “I found out about Eric’s tutorial almost immediately after it was posted because Eric very nicely deposited a Podcast in my Gigadial Inbox that detailed his experience.”