BBC: “Merriam-Webster said ‘blog’ headed the list of most looked-up terms on its site during the last twelve months…The word will now appear in the 2005 version of Merriam-Webster’s printed dictionary.”

Scott Johnson of Feedster: “That’s right — just like you can goto and search only blogs, you can now goto and search only the blogs that are found on MSN Spaces. “

You've got questions…

They've got answers A free idea for podcasters. I’m driving home from the Radio Shack today listening to Dave Slusher talking about his trip to the Radio Shack. I think Adam Curry has podcasted about trips there as well. Hey, it’s a great place for affordable mixers, microphones, audio adapters and all kinds of other useful podcasting equipment. I have no idea if they’d be receptive to the idea, but if there was ever a case for outside sponsorship, Radio Shack is one.

Morning tableau #2

On the bus, as we’re pulling into Kendall Square, a minivan blocks our way. On the minivan is a big, blue Pepsi logo. The bus driver honks the horn, and shortly a delivery man appears, jogging back to the van to move it out of our way. The bus driver looks at the passenger sitting at the front of the bus, to his right, and says, “I’d have waited if it had said ‘Coke’.”

Morning tableau #1

I try to walk to work when I can, but today it was raining so I took the bus. At the bus stop, two young women are huddled closely under an umbrella. One wears a trench coat, the other windbreaker and a backback. On the backpack is a button with rainbow stripes and the text “2QT 2BSTR8”.