One of the many joys of parenthood is that it’s given me the opportunity to rediscover the work of Shel Silverstein. Reading bits and scraps of Where the Sidewalk Ends has become a nightly bedtime activity of late. The oddball drawings make great reference points for Talia who isn’t reading yet. Remember Jimmy Jet and his TV set? Just think, our kids will have no idea what “VERT.” and “HORIZ.” are.

A true story, which I’m saving here for posterity. My wife, daughter Talia and I were on our way to Friendly’s last night for a weekend dinner out. As we’re driving, Talia pipes up from the back seat with, “Mommy, I want to sit next to you at the restaurant. I don’t want to sit next to daddy. I don’t like daddy’s jokes.” Talia is three.