The Cyber Acoustics AC-401 headphone/mic combo is surprisingly nice for the $10-$25 pricetag. The sound is great, the earcups are covered in comfy fuzzy velvet, and the boom mic is nicely positionable along a couple of dimensions.

Speaking of music that probably won’t get you sued, on the walk to work today I listened to a podcast where someone was complaining about not being able share a song he bought on iTunes with his wife. The song worked on his computer but not hers. There’s a simple solution. Exercise your right to choose. “Now Available: John Edwards’ First Podcast”. Here is the feed. The podcast runs about 25 minutes and features Edwards and his wife Elizabeth. It was totally tickling to hear Edwards say the words “podcast” and “are ess ess”, multiple times :). I think this is a big deal. Here we have a major political figure talking directly to people without having to go through the mainstream media filters. On the surface it’s not all that different from the President’s weekly radio addresses (hey, we need to get them a feed!). The nice thing about the Edwards podcast is the unscriptedness, the occasional diversions into NCAA basketball and their favorite ice cream desserts. I’m very much looking forward to more of these.

Another citizen-designer idea for city dwellers. In large, well-trafficked buildings, it’s not uncommon for someone to race for the elevator door just as it’s closing. If I’m the guy inside, I usually try to help. I reach for the button panel, scrambling to find the “Open Door” buttton before it’s too late. It’s kind of a game. How good are my reflexes? Will I be fast enough? Here’s my point. The button is unnecessarily hard to find. Why not make the “Open Door” button larger than the others and bright green?