I’m organizing an all day OpenACS users’ meeting this Friday in Cambridge. Details are here. The schedule’s still fluid, and will migrate to what’s of greatest interest to the people attending. We’ve lined up a number of presentations about new OpenACS development, both down in the toolkit and up at the user facing level. I’m wondering if there’s sufficient interest to do an introductory session. If you’re interested and could be in Cambridge on Friday, send me an email at aegrumet@alum.mit.edu.

Well, I thought that was it. Tonight the iPod mini went blank. Pressing the buttons did nothing to revive it. Connecting it to my PC…nothing. I was thoroughly convinced it had become an ex-Parrot. On lamenting my situation to Ray Slakinski over IM, he instructed me to reset the mini by simultaneously pressing the MENU and center buttons for a few seconds. It worked! Thanks, Ray! By the way, Ray works on the iPodderX podcast receiver for Mac.

A show called Secondhand Stories showed up on our TiVo this weekend. “Did you record it, hon?” I asked my wife. No. “Oh, it must have come in through the Web.” Yep. We watched it tonight. These two guys drive around the country in an old ambulance, buying and selling secondhand stuff and interviewing the people they buy from and sell to. Great watching.

Many thanks to Marc B. from regarding recording television for suggesting it!

On the way in this morning I listened to an hour of New Hampshire Public Radio featuring a discussion about weblogs with Dave Winer and Dan Gillmor. It’s a great introduction, or alternatively a refresher if you’re already familiar with them. Dave’s comments on the discussion are here and here. Dan’s comments (very brief) are here. Oh, and a funny side comment. Since Dave put an MP3 of the show in his feed, I received the show as a podcast and so was able to listen to it today in the car, rather than yesterday when it aired. Before the show started there was a standard NPR “top news” break that included a weather forecast. Ten inches of snow on the way. “Oh, no, not again!” I thought. Gotcha!