This year’s .LRN conference is May 9-11 in Madrid. I wish I could go but we have some stuff cooking at the Grumet household that’s going to keep me home. And no it’s not tech-related 🙂

More crossover: at the same time podcasters are heading for the ether, radio people are heading for the Internet. Yesterday I heard that Steve Dahl started a podcast. Oh yes, we used to eat his stuff up on WLS AM back in Chicago in the 70s. Just added his latest to my GigaDial inbox. Here’s the home page for the Steve Dahl podcast.

I spent a few hours this weekend on Skype with Jeff Bishop and Don Barrett working on accessibility in iPodder. The next release will add, at a minimum, an accelerator key (Ctrl-L) for the scheduler tab, space-bar toggling in the episodes window and downloads tab, better tab traversal on the Add Feed dialog and better window focusing after opens and closes. As a side note, it was a pleasure communicating with Jeff. Very high signal-to-noise.

In progress: installing a new light fixture in our upstairs bathroom. It’s been a while since I used the part of my brain allocated to tape measures, drills and wiring. Feels strange but good.