I fully expect Gnomedex to be podcasted, but will it also be webcasted? The schedule says that Eric Rice will be hosting a live/recorded stream. Where do I listen in?

Today’s business idea: Develop a database of adult images and films to help sites ensure regulatory compliance. Key each item by its md5 sum, map to subjects and store subjects’ dates of birth. Hand out free accounts to eager young men in exchange for indexing. Use redundancy, incentives and penalities to ensure quality indexing. Write a perl script that crawls the site operator’s filesystem, computes the md5 sums, and calls Web APIs to query your database. Sell the perl script for a one-time fee and charge monthly for access to the continually updated database. Bottom line: a bunch of guys get free porn, site operators stay out of jail, you make a fortune. Oh, and don’t forget to cut me in on the profits 🙂 See also: MusicBrainz

Video: The Hand That Feeds, from the new Nine Inch Nails album. Thoroughly rocking. It occurs to me that listening to NIN was probably a lot more respectable fifteen years ago when I was in college. But hey, Trent’s fifteen years older too.

On the way to work this morning I listened to WUMB for a while before switching to podcasts. They played one my favorite Richard Shindell tunes, it was great. I think it was Dave Slusher who said in a recent podcast that there may be shifts in the equilibrium, but nothing will kill anything. I tend to agree.

IT Conversations posted a talk by Python creator Guido van Rossum about the history and design of the language. It’s great listening, particularly if you’ve programmed in several languages and can appreciate a comparative discussion. I was a little bummed when he took a brief swipe at Tcl, which I use every day and think is a fine programming language, but for the most part he seems like a pretty reasonable guy.

The comment spammers are still going strong. So far today, 350 attempts from 48 different IP addresses to post to a non-existent comment script. More impressively, 629 attempts from 73 different IP addresses trying to trackback.