So here’s my Friday strange lunch story. It’s nearing noon time and I’m getting ready to go down to the cafeteria to scrounge up some lunch. As I get up from my desk, the building’s fire alarm system goes off. Okay, no big deal, I’ll take a walk across East Cambridge to the mall, and get a sub at the D’Angelos. At the mall, I hit the bank machine, stop in at the Apple Store to check out the nano for a few minutes, and then make my way to the food court. I’m halfway across the court from the D’Angelos when it happens again: aaa aaa aaa aaa. Another fire alarm. Everybody startles and starts making their way out of the mall. I still have No Food, and am beginning to think it’s me causing the alarms somehow. On the bright side, I found a funky little sandwich shop instead.

I got a chance to fiddle with an iPod Nano today over the course of a strange lunch hour. More about the strangeness in a later post. The Nano felt impossibly small, as they say in the ad copy. For the most part I liked the way it drove. The thing I think would mess me up is the button at the center of the click wheel. On my Mini, the button bumps out above the wheel, so you can really feel for it. The Nano, by contrast, has a smooth flat surface and unless you’re really looking it’s hard to tell where you’re pressing. A simple mod, say affixing a self-adhesive velcro disk or over the middle, ought to fix that. Bottom line, I didn’t feel like I had to have it.

It’s September 15th. If you live in the US and pay taxes quarterly, they’re due today. Don’t forget!

I’ve been on blogging vacation for a couple of weeks. Everybody here’s doing great. The baby’s eating well and sleeping well. I bow to my wonderful wife, Lara 🙂