Relocation, part 2

Andrew Grumet’s Weblog has a new home and feed. The old URLs should redirect and continue to work. Let’s cross our fingers, praise Murphy and hope for no interruptions. Comments are back on, so feel free to leave a note saying it worked or didn’t work or anything else that doesn’t involve pharmaceutical offers, Nigerian bankers or low-cost loans 😉 The move went off pretty painlessly considering 3 years’ worth of content from Movable Type came with. More on that later — right now the garage beckons (we’re still unpacking). Many thanks to the creators of WordPress.

Bagels, cont'd

Continuing on the bagel topic, Izzy’s Brooklyn Bagels on Townsend is pretty good. Lunch today was tuna, lettuce, tomato and red onion on a toasted sesame. One of my all time favorite foods. Sure, it’s no Ess-a-Bagel but then again, we’re not in New York. Otherwise Izzy’s wouldn’t have to add the ‘Brooklyn’ part now would they? 😉

Two more signs of settling in after the big move. First, my mp3 server’s back up (not gonna point to it sorry). The motivation? Radiohead’s The Bends. I actually have one of those unlimited online music accounts, but for what I can only guess are obscure legal reasons, you only get 30 second clips even for paid-up members. Argh. Happily the machine where my music lives was online and I merely had to ssh in and fire up a web server. Second sign of settling in: Program My TiVo! is back up (knock wood).