It will be tough to part with but we’re putting the Grumet condo on the market. If you’re looking for a new place to call home in the Boston area check it out. It’s a nice, newish place in the up and coming Union Square, Somerville neighborhood. Both of my kids, as well as Juice and GigaDial, were born while we lived there. Even though it was built in 1989 we’ve done quite a bit of updating, including redoing the kitchen, building a custom, wraparound California Closets desk in the downstairs office, putting in hardwood floors on the top floor and really nice bricking in the back yard. If this interests you feel free to contact our broker or drop me a line.

My wife and I are working our way through season 1 of Lost. We’d been meaning to check it out for a while now. In fact, the tip came way back in 2004 from friend and colleague Kathleen Gilroy. It’s cool not having to be a slave to the tv schedules on this stuff. The show’s really entertaining, I’m digging it. I have a theory here about the show, so stop now if you’re not into speculation. Here’s the theory: the survivors aren’t really survivors at all. Instead the island is a metaphor for some kind of limbo.

I’ve been almost completely offline since Tuesday night, sorry if you’ve had any trouble finding me. The reason why is not a subject I’m ready to go into here on the blog, but briefly, it involves the health of a family member. Lara, the kids and I are fine. I’ll be getting back into the swing over the rest of the weekend.

Wired: “The case has focused attention on just how much personal information is stored by popular websites like Google — and the potential for that data to attract the interest of the government and other parties.”