Note to self: Chris Trapper has his own web site. Chris fronted the Push Stars back when I lived in Boston. I can’t count how many of their shows Lara and I went to, in the days before kids, when we could muster the energy to stay out until 2am on a weeknight. I think we first saw them open up for Morphine at the Middle East (downstairs). Anyway, their music is just beautiful (check out Any Little Town or Wild Irish Rose), I’m so glad there’s more to enjoy.

In the headphones: Invitation. This was a staple for me and the other “jazz banders” in the late 80s, lately rediscovered on an online music service. The service also has Bright Size Life, another staple, but it requires a purchase (even for subscribers), and, no luck today, my purchase attempt was met with a “transaction failed”.

Good advice from Paul Graham: “Worry most about how to make something people want. If you’re building anything good enough to copy, you’re way ahead.” Side note, I found this post on FuzzyBlog at the end of a chain of hyperlinks. Interesting what we each picked out from the original post. I agree with Scott that implementation is critical, but I don’t agree that ideas are easy, at least not ideas that have been thought through to the point where you could actually build them. Making something people really want means getting outside of your own head, and that’s pretty hard for most of us. I’d riff on Paul’s post by saying that mastery of implementation — stuff like identifying the substrates on which to build, scoping, dependencies and schedule — is sort of like getting a black belt in karate. It’s an achievement in one sense, but more significantly, it’s a gateway to greater things.