Look, I don’t care if you push your content DRM-free through an RSS feed. I don’t care how low budget or indie you are. Take away the technology for a minute and examine your own intentions. If your goal is to be able to proscribe how your audience is allowed to consume your content, and prohibit us from consuming it in other ways that you don’t happen to like, you’re no different from the people we created podcasting to route around. I’m unsubscribed. Good luck.

Just added a bit of side navigation to my blog page to some stuff that I’m either working on now or worked on in the past. Enjoy!

The July 9 Peanut Gallery now officially qualifies as a two-time listen. Some podcasts are just too good to let slip by with a single audition. This one ranks right up there in my top ten favorite episodes of all time, on any podcast.