I don’t get much television time in these days but I’m thoroughly digging No Reservations. Even in the Indian countryside Bourdain exudes New York. Makes me miss my family, and the East Coast.

Speaking of growing children, Vanguard just posted a new podcast episode about saving for college. Here’s the podcast feed for their excellent Plain Talk on Investing ™ series. And no, Vanguard isn’t paying me to talk about them. I just dig what they’re doing, it’s an excellent use of the medium, and a smart business move.

queerduck.png Funny story. A few weeks ago I’m at the local video store looking for a DVD for my daughter. I find it but continue to browse the kids’ section just to see what else they have. I stumble upon an oddly named animated film. It’s called Queer Duck. Sounds not-quite-right for a kid show. Then I notice the tagline is, “He can’t even fly straight!”. Heh heh, I guess they goofed up and put it in the wrong part of the store. It’s animated and about a duck. Must be for kids. Realizing this I decide that I must have it, so I pull it from the kids’ rack, pay the bill and am on my way. Turns out Queer Duck is pretty hilarious, who knew?

I gave up on the Treo after a few days. Maybe I got a bad battery but I couldn’t go a day without plugging into the charger two or three times. Mail didn’t work half the time, and took forever to sync. I couldn’t find the simple, useful functions like Call Log that I use so frequently on my cheapo Nokia. So I sent the Treo back. Gonna try a BlackBerry, should show up this week.

treo650.png I’m tooling around with a new cell phone, a Treo 650. It has an SD card slot and claims to be able to play MP3 files. So I picked up a nice big SD card today and copied some files to it. The phone has RealPlayer installed but when I put in the SD card, RealPlayer couldn’t find the files. The answer is in the Fine Manual. You have to create a directory called SD_Audio at the root of the card, and copy the files there. Can’t say I ever thought I’d be listening to My Life in the Bush of Ghosts on a phone, but here I am. The sound quality isn’t half-bad! Here’s an on-the-verge of crusty page of Treo 650 tips and tricks (the comments) on Engadget.

Just back from a very welcome vacation, feeling refreshed. A couple of quotes from the break. 1. “The size of a house on Cape Cod is inversely proportional to the amount of use it gets.” — Dave, pontoon boat pilot. 2. “Grandchildren are God’s reward for not killing your kids.” — unknown Author, found on a sign in a friend’s parents’ kitchen.