NY Times: “the typical 6 percent commission, paid out of the seller’s proceeds and split between the seller’s and buyer’s agents, is under attack”.

Watched another episode of No Reservations tonight. Bourdain is still in India. Hungry for Indian food.

Today’s PCH features a nearly all-music mix full of excellent, excellent tunes. They’re all great, but the one that really hit me was the Spiraling track. Years ago my wife and I heard their predecessor You Were Spiraling open up for TMBG in DC. They made an immediate impression so I picked up their CD and have been listening to it ever since. How thrilling to hear them again. Explicit.


This is a BlackBerry Blogpost (BBB), let’s see if it works! Ok, now let’s try editing. Context: on vacation, mostly offline, got yomoblog working after a few false starts. Liking the Blackberry very much. Telltale design comparison: the BB charges through standard USB, totally compatible with what the rest of the world is doing. The Treo, that needed recharging multiple times per day, required its own dedicated adapter.