spikes.png Google Scholar maps the connections between refereed academic articles. I found it recently when looking for an online version of the Science Citation Index, the tool I used in pre-Web times to find papers. Having recently moved my Ph.D. pages from MIT to my personal site I wondered who if anyone had cited my work. Sure enough Google is tracking it. 43 citations as of today to a methods paper I wrote in 2000. Coooool.

Technews reports that the 4GB clix2 will land in the US some time in March. Another key feature, something I missed in my last post about the clix2, is that it has a standard mini USB connector. This is key because while the clix can sync against multiple machines, it has a quirky connector. If you want portability you have to remember to take the cable along with you, a minus.

Went to see Babel last weekend, managing to hit two of the Oscar-nominated films of this year (the other was Little Miss Sunshine). At one point during the Oscars coveage a voice-overed cast member characterized the movie as pulling you from one gut-wrenching scene to the next. That describes my experience of it well. Afterwards I felt physically drained. The part I enjoyed most was the feeling of being transported to the diverse parts of the world where the action took place. And the music.