Just add water

And while on the subject of food. Have you ever had problems with the microwave obliterating its payload? I’ll put, say, a piece of cooked chicken in to warm up, and it’s exploding after five or ten seconds. I’ve tried dialing down the power, but our microwave appears to be bang-bang control, cycling between full-on and full-off, which doesn’t solve the problem very well.

It turns out that there’s a simple solution, so mundane that it almost seems silly to write about. Here’s gist of it: microwaves cook food by vibrating the water molecules in it. If you want to draw off heat for the same power, just add water. A big mug of cold water, placed in the microwave along with the food, will slow cooking down.

hp_mazuzah_lg.jpg Lara and I agree: Hebrew National beats Nathan’s on taste. Context: we’re well into bbq season here in the Bay Area. We ran out of hot dogs and I noticed that Nathan’s had a two-for-one deal at the grocery, so I gave them a try instead of our usual brand. Update: Nathan’s has RSS. And they use the white-on-orange XML button to link to it. Makes the taste test results a little harder to swallow, but I stand by the judgement.

Central Cinema dubs itself “Alameda’s Neighborhood Movie House.” Which is about right. What it doesn’t tell you, the place is filled with big comfortable couches that you can slump back in and relax while watching the flick. It’s tiny and sells out fast, so it’s a good idea to buy tickets early.

Scoble captures a whiteboard presentation on the architecture of Flash by a couple of adobe seniors. If you’ve been hearing about “apollo” and “flex” but don’t really grok them this may help fill in the gaps. I’d be remiss if I didn’t observe that from a management standpoint flash is a colossal pita…very few people understand it, the good ones tend to have a prima donna streak — and get away with it because they’re in such high demand — and the code is locked up in a binary format that can’t easily be tracked between revisions. The major reasons to use flash are a) reliable animation or b) easy youtube-style embedability. Otherwise stick to ajax.

alameda-marquis.png Adam Curry on Media 2.0. Of course I agree with Adam that what we’re doing goes a long way beyond helping people find stuff. Media is moving onto the Internet, faster now that there are decent network-connected playback devices. I believe that we are still in the early stages of this move, and don’t agree with the premise that one can survey the marketplace today and credibly declare any part of it future-less. There are larger shifts in play, shifts that will be played out over the course of many years to come. The discussion thread Adam responds to centers on the obvious stuff, today’s low-hanging fruit. Those guys aren’t paying attention. Which frankly I don’t mind 😉