Obama in Germany photo

Dave Winer points to a chin-dropping photo from Obama’s visit to Germany. Click on his link to the photo and, if they ask, get logged into Flickr to see it. Then, and this is important, select your browser’s View Image option to view the image completely as the photographer composed it. Pretty amazing.

Science with Petabytes

Chris Anderson makes some bold claims about the future of science. There are plenty of objections to the article voiced in the comments section, and I think Anderson is a bit too dismissive (perhaps for effect?) of the methods that have gotten us this far. However, I do believe that there are basic limits to our ability to conceptualize. Look no further than number theory and Fermat’s Last Theorem, a math problem that can be stated in a single sentence yet took hundreds of years to solve. There are problems that our brains are not equipped to handle. Can computers help? Why not!