Cows and Mexican food

Long day today.

Earlier I read a printed-out copy of 99cows, downloaded (legally!) from It’s an enjoyable if somewhat breathless read. Steel yourself for repeated use of unfamiliar terms like “sneezer”, “otaku” and “purple” (to refer to something other than color). Presumably these make sense to someone who has read Godin’s other works. I got sneezer and purple but haven’t figured out otaku yet.

One thing that caught my eye was cow #77, the Ambient Orb. I thought, “hey, they should open up the programming APIs for this thing.” Well, it looks like they have. Cool!

I do think that Godin says something useful and true though he focusses 100% on the positive. For all we know, 99 out of 100 companies exhibiting the traits he describes have failed. So the book may or may not be a prescription for success, but in any case it inspires. I bet he would have included ArsDigita had it survived.

Mexican food for dinner tonight. The waitstaff kept calling us “amigo”. Sounds tacky, but it was actually kind of nice. Or was that the effect of the margaritas?

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