Weblogs and mental health

EdCone: “Putting thoughts into words on a daily basis…keeps me mentally limber and also increases the number of subjects I spend a little time learning about”. APA: “There seems to be mounting evidence that a lifetime of learning, mental and physical activity, and rewarding work is good for people. That finding also appears to be true when it comes to warding off Alzheimer’s disease.” Hey, can I get my health insurance to cover this thing?

Notes from the weblog writers' meeting

Last night’s meeting was lively and fun as always. I learned among other things that Radio has an easily-missed GUI application. That’s because 99% of the users will want to work with their weblog through a browser, which is what you get when you launch Radio from the start menu. If you want to fool around with the outliner and other tools, you launch the GUI by right-clicking on the system tray icon and selecting “Open Radio”.

I also learned that we should probably set a firm cutoff of 8:30pm. It’s pretty hard to keep everyone’s attention for more than an hour and a half. I also learned that you should try to avoid eating cheeseburgers at 10pm. Unless of course you like heartburn 🙂


The introduction to my weblogs essay used to contain this sentence

Also known by the smarmy and inscrutable nickname “blogs”, weblogs are something of a hard nut to crack.

until a friend pointed out to me that a term cannot be smarmy. Instead, we might say we perceive a tone of smarmy self-satisfaction whenever someone uses the term “blog”. But that doesn’t really fit the sentence, so I’ve simply excised the word “smarmy”.

Poorly Connected in LA

This is such a fabulous rant. For some reason it makes me think of a scene in Airplane 2. Captain: “I’m afraid that we’re 10,000 miles off course and we might not make it through the asteroid belt”. Passengers: no reaction. Captain: “Oh, and we’re out of coffee.” Passengers: panic.