New look

Inspired by Mena’s beautiful new site, I’ve reworked this one. I’m using nearly identical layout and styles, but obviously not the logo or orange color. Hopefully she won’t mind :->

I really like what she’s done with the Currently Reading and Listening to… sections. Especially the cover art. Hmm, maybe I’ll get an Amazon ID after all.

I have yet to update my archive pages. Please bear with me until then.

2 thoughts on “New look”

  1. Nice redesign. I like the look a lot. Simple and not busy.

    I keep wanting to add a listening too/reading/watching section on mine but I think the thing would get too busy.


  2. Hey, thanks. I went ahead and added the listening to section. I think I can add more to the righthand column without it feeling to busy. You only really notice if you scroll down, and if you’re scrolling, I’ve already got your interest :->.


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