Radio feature idea (implemented!)

I use Radio as my news aggregator. When displaying new news items, Radio gives you the option to automatically mark all items for deletion. This makes it easier to delete posts, a task which can consume significant energy.

The problem comes when you have a lot of subscriptions. Even if you do a pretty good job of keeping up with the news, sometimes you will have too many unread items for a simple all or nothing choice. I like to work through the items a few screenfulls at a time. It’s nice feedback to see the browser scroll bar get taller and taller as the number of unread items goes to zero.

A hacker’s solution? Hack Radio, naturally. This morning I modified Radio’s news aggregator to automatically mark just the top 10 items for deletion. This being my first foray into Radio hacking, some learning took place in the process (a subject for another post).

In the meantime, the question remains as to whether this is a good feature idea. My plan is to spend a few days with it and find out.