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I’m thinking about what sorts of folks could help make the BloggerCon Infrastructure session a big success. I think people who want to learn about the infrastructure will be there by default. The trick is to make sure there are knowledgeable people there to answer questions and keep the discussion going. Here is a list of profiles to help with figuring out who to reach out to:

A writer who is famously obsessive about tracking their rankings and inbound traffic. We would expect this person to be expert on how Blogdex compares to Daypop and Technorati. They may also be familiar with how desktop editors work.

A reader who has searched for, and maybe found, the “perfect” news aggregator. This person will have tried various aggregators and can talk about how centralized aggregators compare to desktop aggregators.

A lone developer who has used the infrastructure to build something totally different from what came before. Like the writer and reader, this person is a customer of the infrastructure. This person should be able to explain what “pings” are and explain basic distributed computing ideas to a non-technical audience.

An entrepreneur or other centralized service operator who has to worry about keeping servers alive and paying the bills.

These are just profiles, of course, many of which may live inside the same person. Also, we are not limited to having just one person per profile. The more the merrier! Can you suggest articulate people who meet these profiles and can be in New England on October 5?

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  1. Andrew:

    I’d like to apply for the “reader” position for the Infrastructure talk. I’m running a Radio weblog, using a combination of Radio’s aggreator and Bloglines for centralized aggregation and apps like NetNewsWire (Mac) and NewsGator (Mozilla/Win), FeedDemon (Win) and a few others.

    I spent about a week with each one and have settled on NetNewsWire for the Mac desktop at home and Radio’s aggregator for centralized newsreading.

    Best of all, I’m knowledgeable but not too opinionated. I deliver training and sales presentations for a living, acting as a technical consultant for a telecommunications company. I’ll be at BloggerCon for the entire weekend; please let me know if I can be of assistance. Contact me by email and I’ll send you my direct contact info.


    Steve Kirks


  2. Hello Andrew,

    Erin Clerico of Weblogger here. I will be attending day 2 and fit the ‘An entrepreneur or other centralized service operator who has to worry about keeping servers alive and paying the bills’ category.

    I have been developing some tools for weblog community management that may be of interest to people who need to set up and manage blogging communities for groups and large organizations.

    Please contact me if this fits anywhere, otherwise I’ll just look forward to meeting you there. Thank you for your work on all of this!

    -Erin Clerico


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