The T, brought to you by Bud Light?

I looked up from my Metro as the red line approached Kendall Square. The ad featured attractive, scantily clad twenty year-olds against a synthetic, deep blue background. The ad to its left was simlilarly themed. The ad to its right, same thing. My eyes traveled around the subway car. Every single ad hawking the same product. A pretty surreal way to start the day.

2 thoughts on “The T, brought to you by Bud Light?”

  1. The one-ad train cars are very surreal. I was recently on the Red Line in a T car that was all Budweiser ads (not the ad you described, but one with just close-up pictures of cans of beer). Since I am very prone to synaesthesia, I felt slightly dizzy and intoxicated after I exited that car. I suppose, though, that this advertising method works well, since, using both novelty and repetition, it fixes the product in the minds of a captive audience of T riders.


  2. hello mr. grumet. well, as you might have already seen, my name is grumet too. i live in austria, and came to your site through googling when i entered my name 😉
    However, I just wanted to say hello and to send some greetings.
    best regards


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