Yes indeed, folks, I think the spammers have developed robots that target Movable Type. A comment showing up today left a referer in my logs. Check out this site. It appears to be some kind of index of Movable Type archive entry URLs. I think it would be hasty to assume that this site is run by spammers — I suppose it could have some other innocent function but got hijacked. Follow some of the links and see how many have spams in the comment section thanks to one “klaus”. If you understand Polish, could you translate the site text and point us to it? Thanks.

I don’t know that we can ever prevent these from getting posted without destroying the easy-to-use character of the tools. But we certainly can take steps to reduce the return on investment for spammers. A good start would be to make it a one-click operation to a) delete the comment, b) add the commenter ip to a spammer tracking authority and c) for tools that require it, rebuild the entry page.

Another possibility is that we’re seeing beginning of the end of the comments section. I hope not.

Update It looks like the page I pointed to above has been pulled. They’re probably spammers 😦 I didn’t bother to copy the page, and it’s not in, so I guess you’ll just have to trust me on this.

Update 2 This post is getting lots of traffic from Scripting. Do a feedster search on comment spam to get more background info.

Update 3 It looks like someone has written a plugin of some sort. I haven’t looked at it yet.

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  1. What’s scary is that my blog is second in that list and at 12:39GMT on the 11th of October, I did actually receive a spam comment post by a “klaus” of IP address promoting an “enlargement” drug and various sexual items (the same day I had *17* pedo spams: more than doubling my overall comment spam total).

    Comment spam is definitely getting worse 😦


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  5. Nah, it’s not the end of comments. It just means comments will require a new safeguard or two, like maybe those generated, distorted, OCR-thwarting images of four random alphanumeric characters that the likes of Yahoo ask you to enter as confirmation, or randomized, generated form element names and POST URLs for commenting. Things that make it hard for a crude spambot to do its job.

    The days of an open, consistent comments form with the same simple URI and form fields on every site are probably going to end, but that’s about it.


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  7. I have a Movable Type weblog of my own, and got blasted last week by comment spam. I don’t get a ton of comments, but I’ve switched to use a comment queue plugin that seems to work well.


  8. Yep, my MT weblog has been a target. I had been manually deleting ’em, but when I got “upgraded” to the automated version (over a dozen of the same spam comments), I relented and switched to the comment queue option.

    See if you’re interested in the links to the downloads and the steps I followed.


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