In fact, if no other outlines are open, you can hit Ctrl-5 to both bring up the window and insert the new post. Next major challenge is to clean up the Save operation. It is functionally solid but you can’t safely keep typing immediately after hitting Ctrl-S, which is how it *should* work.

I’m taking a break this evening and spending a few minutes fooling with the new version of Mac OSX. It looks like the Exposé thing addresses some of my usability issues. Pressing F9, for example, sort of zooms you out giving you a view of all your open windows so you can pick the one you want. It’s more efficient than Windows-D. Good good good.

Dave observes that pre-ground Chock full o’ Nuts coffee is fantastic. I don’t doubt it. Closet foodie that I am, I wonder how how he’s preparing it. For a long time I was convinced that there was no match for coffee made at a coffeeshop. But then I figured out that I wasn’t using enough grounds. The magic proportion is two tablespoons of grounds per six ounces of water. Sounds like too much doesn’t it? Many coffees direct you to go with one tablespoon per “cup” which usually means eight ounces. That’s less than half. Using so much less, you’d think that the worst you could do is wind up with a watered down taste. But the stuff I made was always bitter, a taste usually associated with “strong” coffee. Must be using too much grounds, I thought. Counter-intuitively, you can get a bad bitter taste from not enough grounds according to this book. My experience bears that out.