Over the break, a family friend who reads a few blogs said that he liked Atrios. I’ve never read it. It should live at http://atrios.blogspot.com/ but that link isn’t responding for me right now (??). Oh, now I’m getting a message the “new.blogger.com could not be found.” Must be a cutover glitch at the service provider.

I handed off the SEIA manuscript to the publisher just before leaving town last week. Even though the entire book, with much of the layout applicable to the print version, is live on philip.greenspun.com, the publisher wanted double-spaced hard copies. Sigh. Making the job significantly easier was weborder.kinkos.com. The kinkos folks asked for PDF format because it preserves precise formatting. Apparently MSWord re-calculates things like pagination each time a document is loaded, so you can’t always trust the “Print Layout” view. After jumping through a format conversion hoop or two, the files were off to kinkos and, twelve hundred pages later (that’s two double-spaced copies at six hundred pages per copy), a dead trees manuscript landed at the publisher’s office.