I just cracked open my last bottle of two-buck chuck. Nine bottles later, I can’t say that it tastes any better. Incidentally, calling Charles Shaw a “table wine” on account of its low price/quality is a misnomer according to epicurious: ” In the United States the official definition is a wine that contains a minimum of 7 percent alcohol and a maximum of 14 percent. This definition does not define quality in any way, although some connote table wine with lower-quality, inexpensive wine. That’s a mistake because many wines that simply say “Red Table Wine” or “White Table Wine” are excellent and not at all inexpensive.”

Dave adds recent categories to his sidebar. I like the way it bubbles information up. “What’s Dave thinking about?” The answer is right there, no clicks required. Once my overloaded schedule settles down I’m going to take a serious look at layering these ideas onto Movable Type’s flat category system. Unless someone else does first.

BBC: “This is perhaps why some spammers are turning to out-of-copyright novels for their text. It is an ideal source of real writing.”