Notes from the first Getting Started class

We had about ten people show up plus a few Thursday folks who helped run the class. Backgrounds varied. Some attendees were current students, some were graduate students, some were alumni. Some were from Sloan, others from Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Some were completely new to weblogs, others had read a few weblogs, at least one person already had a weblog.
We spent the first part of the class introducing weblogs and surfing around to draw a richer picture of the blogosphere. 45 minutes was not nearly enough time to cover this material. I had to skip quite a bit to keep things moving.
In the second part of the class, Dowbrigade walked folks through the process of setting up a weblog and making the first post. I think it went pretty smoothly though we may have bogged down the server a little with ten near-simultaneous “create a new weblog” requests.
We barely got to talk about aggregators, and interested people had to stay late to hear about them. Short term I think we’re going to spend less time surfing at the beginning. Long term it’s clear that we have enough material to power a multi-hour class.
Thank you especially to Dowbrigade for running the second half of the class, and also to Bob Stepno, Critt Jarvis and Sooz for help and support.

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