Alton Brown is blogging

Now that I’ve found a feed, I see that activity has picked up lately on Alton Brown’s blog.
It looks like he’s been stirring the pot (pun intended), too. In a thread about Mad Cow disease

  One of the pieces of fast food propaganda I most despise is that drive-thru chow is a good value. It’s not even close. That said, if I was working three jobs and just needed to quickly get some food in my kid’s stomach I guess I’d line up at…no. Damnit no I wouldn’t. I’d take my kid to the grocery store and eat out of the aisles before I’d feed her crap.

Right on. It’s great to see the person behind the personality. Keep it up AB!
And make it a real blog by giving us permalinks, comments and a real RSS feed.

Robert X. Cringley has an interesting idea for how to bootstrap ubiquitous wireless Internet. The idea is to go straight to the individual DSL/cable-modem customer and give them an incentive to share their connection: free wireless hardware and free roaming access to all wireless hotspots on the network. This helps the spread of access points. The bill is footed by paid subscribers who don’t themselves host a hotspot, and also by the connection sharers who must still pay for their DSL or cable service. Cringely argues that competitive pressures will force ISPs to give in and allow connection sharing.