9 thoughts on “RSSTV: Syndication for your PVR”

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  2. Hi,

    I work for Amino in the UK and we are designing a PVR box for use in the US.

    OK – so here’s an open invitation. What functionality would your dream PVR machine have?

    As’power users’ of PVR technology, you guys must have some good ideas!!



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  4. Nick, let’s not turn this thread into a market research study for your firm. I think it’s great that you’re interested what users want in general. Please use your own space to figure it out, or infer what you can from what develops here without scattering our focus.

    In the writeup I laid out what I think is a killer feature. Let’s stick to that. What do you think of the idea? Do you want to help develop it?


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  6. Where do you see the RSS feeds coming from in the medium term? The client software is the right place to start, and RSS/XMLTV could be a good combination for the data depending on what you are trying to achieve.

    The suggestion from the choice of RSS/XMLTV is that somehow people would be able to interact with an existing XMLTV source to produce a ‘subset’ that they would then publish for themselves or their friends; this would likely need some sort of Suggestions or Season Pass functionality equivalent to make it attractive.

    So we’re probably talking about a Web-based application that effectively replaces the onboard TiVo programming – not a trivial task. I think you need to consider this if the project is to get beyond being a cool proof of concept.



  7. I guess this article is sort of old, but I might as well mention the ATVEF work on specifying TV channels using URIs. The URIs look like tv:abc.com. They don’t contain the program name or time or any of that. The receiver would have been receiving the URI from a potentially nation-wide broadcast, via the vertical-blanking interval, and it would have to figure out abc.com == channel 7 for you and abc.com == channel 10 for me. I believe there was an IETF draft. The use of abc.com as the host part of the URI is not arbitrary. It parallels the use of Internet domain names in Java package names and RDF resource names.


  8. Great ideas Andrew. I’d definitely like to help where I can.

    To solve the “how do we identify unique channels across different providers” issue, I purpose a mirrored channel UUID database similar to CDDB where users can register their channel numbers by provider and region. The RSSTV program can then request appropriate XML containing UUID and channel info from the database upon install or region/provider selection.

    I’ve developed a similar database for Popcast (the inverse of RSSTV — pushing recorded video out to subscribers via P2P). The specs are open source. I could make some modifications to our dB to support RSSTV unique channel tracking. Let me know what you think.

    RSSTV could also be an interesting Popcast plugin where video recorded via RSSTV could then be easily shared after the fact with other RSSTV or Popcast users. A built in archiving system. =) Ah, technology is fun.


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