Just listened to the preface and introduction to Lawrence Lessig’s Free Culture, as read by Kevin Marks and Ralph Levien, while working out on the elliptical machine. Bravo, AKMA for organizing this audiobook project! Here is a consolidation of the mp3 hyperlinks listed at AKMA’s page into an m3u playlist: lessig-freeculture.m3u. Doug Kaye reports the story in a segment of IT Conversations, including interviews with AKMA, Larry Lessig and Simon Carless.

Ed Cone: “Glenn Reynolds, one of the marksmen who has tried to shoot the messenger instead of discussing what it is that Richard Clarke actually has to say, now wants to ignore him.”

I’ve posted a plan for the infrastructure session to the BloggerCon II site. Dave has written elsewhere that BloggerCon shouldn’t begin an end with a day in Cambridge. Let’s get the discussion going beforehand and keep talking about it afterward. New webloggers, what features would you like to understand better? Experienced webloggers, what features would you like to demonstrate?

Inc.Com: “Blogs — simple, chronologically arranged websites — offer ‘rich storyboards’ for teaching or supplementing online classes.”