I have my own questions for Six Apart, in addition to wanting to know the answers to Dave’s.What about the alternative of working with Jay Allen to make MT-Blacklist a standard feature of MT? MT-Blacklist is great software, it works now and has a sizable installed base. Why not invest in making it better, perhaps adding the ability auto-sync to shared blacklists out on the Web? Why a centralized solution instead of a distributed one? I already have a verified identity in my weblog. Why not use that? If Trackback isn’t good enough, why not invest in making it work?

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  1. (your link to whatever questions ‘Dave’ raises is throwing a 500 error)

    Anyway, yeah, what the hell is MT thinking?

    For me, comment spam is only an intermittent problem. It comes in spurts. MT-Blacklist is a three minute cure and then I move on.

    Registration is one of these stupid, heavy handed responses that just guarantees no one but my mom is going to bother to post any comments or feedback to my site.

    And although I haven’t read any more details about what they propose, ‘centralized registration server’ certainly sounds like some type of ‘MT does MS Passport’ system. Yuk. That sucks.

    Hopefully MT-Blacklist can quickly be ported to MT-3 and we can simply ignore MTPassport.

    I sure hope these guys announce some useful enhancements quickly…. like non-bug ridden templates, proper photo handling, a working API, etc. So far Atom and Passport is all they’ve offered — two answers we didn’t have questions for.


  2. Oh, and before anyone criticizes me for criticizing their codebase and API…. here is the error message I was served when writing the 09:21pm comment…

    Previous Comments
    MT::App::Comments=HASH(0x8069ed8) Use of uninitialized value in sprintf at /web/andrew/cgi/MT-2.63-full-lib/lib/MT/Template/Context


  3. “like non-bug ridden templates, proper photo handling, a working API, etc.”

    Any examples for these assertions? Haven’t seen this anywhere else.


  4. 1) The photo support is lousy. There is no non-kludge way to support a photo album or photo blog.

    2) There are many examples of the various bugs in these templates for browsers as common as IE6. One good example is the ‘peekaboo bug.’ There are more.

    3) The publishing API is poorly documented and works oddly. Some functionality (for example the publish flag) has no effect on MT’s behavior. Check example code that uses the API to publish and you’ll see gross hacks to make it behave.


  5. http://www.jayallen.org/comment_spam/2004/03/movable_type_30_and_mtblacklist

    Jay Allen comments on the MT3 ‘typekey’ system and its impact on the future of MT-Blacklist

    Jay implies that people are going to like MT 3’s new functionality and that MT3 absorbs some power-editing functionality from MT-Blacklist such that far fewer people are going to bother to use MT-Blacklist. The ultimate result is not enough donations to sustain its development/support for MT3.


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