RssReader 0.4d

RssReader 0.4d is hereby released. RssReader is TiVo-resident software that displays the contents of an RSS feed on your television. More interestingly, RssReader can schedule recordings from syndication feeds containing RSSTV extensions. This means you can subscribe your TiVo to a community-evolved ToDo list, such as the feed generated by Program My TiVo!
The main addition in 0.4d is the ability to schedule recordings based on network call signs instead of channel numbers. This should give us a better shot at sharing program suggestions across cablesystems. In addition, RssReader now remembers schedule results from previous sweeps, so that the display reflects whether or not a recording attempt was successful on all sweeps since the last TCS restart (infrequent), instead of just the first time a new item shows up.

12 thoughts on “RssReader 0.4d”

  1. What took you so long? Great work! Now all we have to do is
    a) buy a Tivo
    b) subscribe to a service
    c) find RSS feeds with video enclosures, and
    d)figure out how to tell it what to do

    The Dowbrigade trembles at the very thought of these daunting tasks. Yet the goal of the quest merits the effort: our dreamed-of video aggregator. And luckily, we have some VERY smart friends who can help even a digital idiot like the Dowbrigade to figure these things out….


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  3. Hi, Andrew! This really makes me regret that I have a ReplayTV…but hey, everything breaks eventually, and then perhaps I’ll get a TiVo and install this fine, fine, superfine code.

    The whole idea of RSSTV has gotten me thinking about novel applications of PVRs and DVDs for roll-your-own DVD commentaries and real-time commentary on broadcast shows. I wrote it up here and I’d be interested in whether you think the ideas are feasible or not.


  4. I suspect people conflated the two projects – certainly the only reason I’ve been able to think of for downloading bulk video *at all* is for “selective but still passive” viewing, and the tivo is the obvious nexus for that.


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