Heh heh. Dave, here are a few other ways to link: one, two, three, four and my personal favorite, five. Some of these are more expensive than others, and some are easier to outfox than others. All are as absurd as the inaccessibility engineering that motivates them.

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  1. Andrew, I’m asking this with great trepidation, and tremendous anxiety over stepping into the war-zone. But note I try to be strictly neutral, and take no sides in the RSS/Atom battles, and I don’t want to ask this question to either of the primary combatants lest they view me as somehow an agent of the other, and putting this as a post, as the most DON’T SHOOT DON’T SHOOT way I can think of …

    *What in the world is this linking-skirmish about?*

    I mean, I understand it technically. But I can’t fathom the “why” of it.

    I may regret this, but curiosity has gotten the better of me.


  2. Seth,
    If you click on the link attached to the word ‘Dave’ in the original post, you’ll understand. It has something to do with the download limits on the host.


  3. Seth, mostly frivolous distraction. But I guess there is a serious observation here. Mark’s header jujitsu reminds me of the lawsuits over “deep linking”. It’s un Weblike, and doesn’t really work. It just adds unnecessary complexity to our lives.


  4. If you saw the clueless hordes of venomous fanboys who pour into my inbox whenever Dave twists my words and links to me, you’d understand why I go to great lengths to fence him off. He’s created a little ghetto of RSS/OPML/XML-RPC sharecroppers — anyone who uses his tools *exactly like he does* and views the world *exactly like he does* is welcome, but only until they show a glimmer of independent thought, and then they’re vilified and he sics the fanboys on them. Who needs it?

    You’re a fool for defending him or enabling him in any way. When he comes back to bite you, don’t come running to me.


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