Back in Boston after a long travel day yesterday. There are some minor and amusing culture shocks. On the train I was surprised to be able to understand peoples’ side conversations after hearing so many German and Dutch exchanges. At breakfast time I found myself wondering where I could get cold cuts and hard-boiled egg.

Demo for Adam

I’m showing Adam how myWeblogOutliner works.
Here’s what’s going on. In myWeblogOutliner, you see all of the day’s posts in a single outline. Each root level item represents a single post. If the item has sub-items, the first line becomes the title. Also, if the item has multiple sub-items, each sub-item becomes a paragraph.

  If there are sub-sub-items, they become indented.

And that’s basically it!

Landed safely in Amsterdam, figured out the train, checked into my hotel and found an Internet cafe. Dave made it too. I’m checking my mail on a fancy internationalized webmail system. Everything’s in Dutch, and I can’t change the Internet Options on this fine Windows machine because the machine policy has locked it off. Heh heh. Note to self: “Verwijderen” is the delete button.