Getting ready for Iceland

Midweek I’m leaving for Iceland. The purpose is tourism and I won’t be bringing a laptop, so it’s going to get quiet here for a little while. Hey, look at this, a class on weblogs at the University of Iceland! Are they still in session?
Lara tells me that the Landmark guide is the pick of our coffeetable. I’ve started thumbing through it and learned a bit about the local alphabet, diet and electrical connectors.
Let’s see how my weblog authoring software handles the Icelandic alphabet. ð sounds like “th” as in “father”. þ sounds like “th” as in “think”. Easy, ay?

3 thoughts on “Getting ready for Iceland”

  1. We’re taking a driving tour around the ring road, with some time in Reykjavik before and after. The tour has us booked at various farm inns along the way, but beyond that we can do whatever we want. Any suggestions?


  2. I arrived in the morning, and we got our rental car right at the Airport. Instead of driving towards Reykjavik, we took the long way to the Blue Lagoon (it really is cool), and drove down towards Grindavik. Absolutely beautiful lavascape dotted with brightly colored metal buildings–truly surreal. We arrived at the Blue Lagoon right when it opened. There were only like 10 people in it for about an hour, which I gather is pretty lucky.

    In Reykjavik, the cool bar is Sirkus. Everything is more expensive than you expect. I also really enjoyed the Asmundur Sveinsson Sculpture Museum. Other than those two things, I enjoyed just walking around. Really nice city.

    The hiking is great, if that’s your thing. You really can’t go wrong.

    And don’t forget to have T-Mobile unlock your phone, so you can swap out the SIM card.


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