A fond adieu

Late this week I’d come to the conclusion that some of my RSS-related activities would soon encroach on other, non-negotiable commitments. It was time to simplify. Among the negotiable commitments, I’m a little sad to say, was the RSS advisory board. While Dave’s announcement gave me pause, the factors informing my decision remain constant. Therefore, I am hereby resigning from the RSS advisory board.
In addition, I will no longer be able to provide support for the rss.scripting.com validator. I believe the validator serves an important purpose and provides unique, useful functionalities, such the daily validation service, that are not available elsewhere. I hope Dave will continue to improve on this great service.
I believe that RSS is in strong hands, and that this period of flux will provide a unique opportunity to bring RSS to the next level. I am grateful to Dave and the community for giving me these opportunities to serve, and especially to Dave for his friendship.
Over time and as time permits, I will continue to write tech notes and build applications right here on this weblog. Now I’m going to take a deep breath, go out and enjoy the rest of the beautiful sunny Sunday, and get ready for the busy week ahead. Thank you, everyone.

4 thoughts on “A fond adieu”

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  2. Andrew,

    That was beautifully said and you are now (and always will be) a first class guy. You nicely gave back to the community in a visible, technically accurate, respectful way. You’ve done good my friend.

    Kudos on all levels.



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