Another random story from the weekend barbecue. At one point I found myself at the sink shucking corn with a woman who was a chef as it turned out. I asked, “what’s the best way to prepare this for a grill?” and she showed me. What you do is, peel back the husk maybe three quarters of the way down, pull away as much of the hair as you can, then push the husk back up and soak for an hour or two before grilling. The soak water boils inside the husk, cooking the corn. Update Check the comments for tips from Steve and Dave. Just in time for the holiday weekend!

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  1. Andrew:

    My family has roasted corn every summer for nearly 20 years. Your chef friend is close:

    Soak the whole thing without peeling or shucking the husk for 8 hours or more. Usually, we start the soaking at breakfast (6AM) and eat around 2PM. Start burning wood in a pit around 11AM and get a good layer of coals going.

    Place the ears on the grill, turning 1/4 turn at a time, for 5 minutes or so. When it’s ready (you’ll only know if you taste it), pull the ear off the grill and hold at the bottom. Peeling the husk will get 90% of the silks and a wipe with a dry paper towel gets the rest. Wrap the husks around the bottom of the ear as a handle, wrap the paper towel around the husks and you’re done.

    Oh, dip it in a coffee can full of melted butter and salt to taste.



  2. Steve beat me to it. He is correct. Just soak and throw it right on the grill.

    The other “best” way it to shuck the corn, butter it, then cook right on the grill. This roasts the kernels and carmelizes the sugar in the corn. Just be careful not to burn it!


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