Vantajokull finger, Skaftafell National Park.  Click to see a larger version. We’re starting to make our way through the Iceland photos. The photo to the right depicts a finger of the massive glacier called Vatnajokull, as viewed near the entrance to Skaftafell National Park.

Interesting 1991 Bill Gates keynote from Dave. Among other things Gates talked about tablet PCs and ink. Way back then. I’ve never owned a tablet PC but don’t see much sense in them. Seems like a step backward for anyone who can type faster than they can scribble. Update Scoble responds.

Speaking of Google, Philip predicts: “while Microsoft is trying to replace Google with MSN Search, Google will be trying to replace Microsoft Office with Google Web-based Office.”

I’m happily gmail-enabled thanks to an invite from a friend. That’s some pretty slick interface. To quote someone’s earlier reaction, gmail shows that there’s plenty of room for UI innovation on the Web. Will I drop everything and switch to gmail? Nah, I’ve got decent hosting for the moment. But it’s a fun toy.

I fooled around some more with the Gateway DVD player over the weekend. A big downside is it’s pretty finicky about formats. It can play MPEG-2 and “AVI” but I guess the latter means different things to different people because the player was able to play some AVI files but not others. And it can’t play QuickTime movies at all. As for content, the Internet Archive (IA) has a moving images section with quite a number of clips in a variety of formats including MPEG-2. Sitting on my couch I watched a few from the 30s and 50s. A motivated curator could probably set up an interesting “channel” by adding a new IA selection to a feed once a day.