Adam Curry is thinking about new kinds of RSS aggregators. I’ve been fiddling with this a bit too, feeding my Gateway connected DVD player with content downloaded from RSS enclosure feeds. The livingroom TV set as video aggregator. The system has its glitches but the basic idea works, and requires no specialized knowledge or expensive equipment, assuming you’ve already invested in a PC. It’s a classic route-around. Needs a writeup, and a home video, to really explain what’s going on. Tonight?

CNET on competing video formats: “The fight has put Microsoft on unfamiliar ground, forcing it to compete outside of the computer industry it dominates due to its Windows operating systems. But the software giant has responded with remarkable flexibility, abandoning many of the tactics it perfected in the PC world to adjust to an arena bound by consensus and open standards.”

Driving in Cambridge yesterday I noticed a number of people standing by the road waving at cars. They were wearing signs advertising an “everything must go” sale at Kitchen Etc. It looks like they’ve gone Chapter 11 and will soon be disappearing. Too bad, they had great prices. Too great I guess. I stopped in at the store on Alewife Brook Parkway and bought a few gadgets. Everything was 10% off.