Adam Curry reviews iPodder for Windows in this audio blog post, and does some visioning on where the software needs to go. Is it time to buy an iPod? I’ve already invested in a Neuros, which has some neat features that iPod doesn’t, including the ability to make recordings. sorune and ndbm have modest command line capabilities, but automated syncing looks like a lot of custom hacking while the iPod people have already figured it out . I don’t have much interest in buying only-runs-on-Apple music files from the iTunes store. Tapping into the growing blog audio network? Now that’s a selling point.

In last week’s New Yorker, a sketch of political prankster Dick Tuck: “At a rally in Chinatown, Tuck distributed signs and fortune cookies that read ‘Welcome Nixon!’ over a row of Chinese characters. Nixon smiled broadly for the cameras, until he was informed that the Chinese script said, ‘How about the Hughes loan?’ Nixon grabbed a sign and, on camera, ripped it up.” The article says Tuck will be at the Republican convention, posting updates to his “Convention Web site”. I can’t seem to find the site.

It’s hot hot hot in Boston tonight. A welcome distraction, there’s a gorgeous, golden full moon, low in the sky and larger than life right now at 8:30pm.

By way of my buddy Doug, this informative article about open files in GNU Linux. Using the commands in it I discovered that of the 9,500 odd files open on this server at this moment, almost exactly half are in the possession of a single instance of jakarta. Yow.