[9/16 Update: latest release: version 0.3] I’m doing a little experiment with audioblogging, partly to try it out and partly to test a new helper script for setting up rss enclosures. The big idea is this. You have a Web-visible area to which you add files from time to time. You’d like to be able to publish an enclosure feed so that your friends/customers/audience can see and download the new files as they appear. If you’re lucky, your blog-authoring tool already supports enclosures. Mine doesn’t, at least as far as I know. Enter dir2rss, a Perl script that crawls your filesystem directory and outputs an RSS feed with an enclosure-bearing item for the latest files in the directory. I talk more about it in my first-ever audioblog post, which is also the first item in my first-ever dir2rss-generated audioblog feed. The script is here: dir2rss-0.2.zip. Give it a try and let me know how it goes! Update: I added guids and usage instructions in the README. The hyperlink in this posted has been updated to point to the new 0.2 version.

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  1. Hi Mary-Ann,

    I’m not sure I understand the question. But here’s how the code is invoked to create an RSS feed for the files in the /path/to/web/files directory:

    ./dir2rss.pl /path/to/web/files > /path/to/web/files/rss.xml

    The script doesn’t “watch” for new files, but rather must be called periodically to keep the feed up to date.


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  3. Thanks, Andrew! I’ve been watching Adam Curry’s iPodder developments, and waiting for the publishing side tools to come out, especially for MT. This is very helpful.

    Can you post any tips for using this specifically with MT posts? Seems we still need a “Make this uploaded file an enclosure” checkbox in the MT popup window. That and a change to the RSS template (if only there were an MT tag for enclosures) would do it. What do you think?


  4. Dave again – I just looked at your RSS feeds, both the MT-generated one and the audio feed that dir2rss is generating. It’s clearer to me now – as long as your audio (or video or whatever) goes into its own directory, your script will make the separate feed. Cool. The enclosures aren’t embedded in the post, but this works better for most subscribers – and they can subscribe to your full feed also if they want. Thanks again!


  5. Andrew, I run a motorsport blog and what I’d like to do is automatically link to official results when they are uploaded without checking every day.

    However, I don’t think I can do paths like /path/to/web/files to someone elses server can I?


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